The Philosophy: Setting Everyone Up for Success

Most of the time, what someone claims to be disobedience in their dog actually translates to a lack of communication and often a lack of proper training. Cognitive Dogs believes in helping people to better understand their dogs so that we can effectively train in ways that teach our dogs to enjoy cooperating with us instead of working against them.

All of our programs follow the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach to behavior modification and training, as supported by the IAABC. Our science-based methods are effective and humane, and intentionally exclude the use of pain and psychological intimidation. Believe it or not, research has proven that the use of harsh corrections is unnecessary to train or modify behavior – even for serious behavior issues such as aggression! In fact, the use of aversive techniques can actually make these problems worse.

Our goal is to help you prevent and resolve behavior problems while training in a way that creates and preserves a respectful and communicative relationship between you and your dog.

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