“A fantastic teacher for both the dog and the family.”

AMAZING!  Kristin is the ABSOLUTE BEST!  She was instantly available when I reached out to schedule the training for our puppy.  She was extremely accommodating and worked with our time constraints.  Kristin sent me updates continually with our puppy’s progress along with pictures and videos.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and is a fantastic teacher for both the dog and the family.  She easily showed us how to continue the techniques she taught our puppy.  Kristin’s follow up is second to none.  Best of all my puppy loved her – He sat at the door after she left and waited for her to come back.  Kristin is THE BEST trainer around.  We are so grateful to have found her!

Jen K. 

“Within days I could see a big improvement in our dog’s behavior.”

I had a first consultation with Kristin and thought I got it all – I was wrong. I exchanged a few emails with her afterwards regarding my puppy’s issues and finally decided to purchase one of her package. Best decision I have made. Within days I could see a big improvement in our dog’s behavior. She is an AMAZING trainer and also an awesome person. Not only she is training him, but also giving us the tools to ensure we work with him appropriately between sessions. She provides detailed notes on our session, training tips, videos, and so on. She is always easily reachable via email or phone if need be. Thank you so much for all your help and also giving us hope in our little guy that we love so much. I highly recommend her services.

Chanel S. 

“Could not have found a better trainer.”

snowdogsI have been working with Kristin Burke via video and email from Finland (distance coaching). I have been really happy with Kristin. Could not have found a better trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable, really experienced and kind. She provides feedback to my videos and answers to my emails always within 24 hours, so I can continue working with my dogs correctly. Her feedback is always clear and comprehensive. I can completely rely on her expertise. I can sincerely recommend distance coaching with Kristin for anyone.

Taru V. 

“Bertie is a different dog after only a couple of months of training…”

I contacted Kristin for help after experiencing 18 months of problem behavior from my 2 year old Boston Terrier. He was afraid of everything and this made him aggressive and unpredictable. Walking him was a nightmare as he frequently lunged at passers by/other dogs; at home he would nip people and also attack our other dog if he was suddenly spooked by the door bell or a knock at the door etc. I was really at the end of my patience with him.
Kristin has been absolutely amazing. She came to my house, which was very helpful, and right from the get go she was professional, very knowledgeable and entirely non judgmental. Her approach is based entirely on positive reinforcement….there is non of that ‘alpha male, dominate your dog and show him who is boss’ stuff which was a huge relief for me. Kristin explained everything that we did and why we were doing it, she is incredibly patient. Also, after every session she sent me information to further explain the techniques that we had practiced and to help me when I was training Bertie my own.
I really can not praise Kristin highly enough. Bertie is a different dog after only a couple of months of training (about 5/6 sessions in total.) He is a pleasure to walk now….he can see people and dogs without wanting to attack them; around the house, he is so relaxed and chilled…I don’t need to panic if the door bell rings anymore! He is a much happier dog.
I would absolutely recommend Kristin to anybody who needs help with their dog(s)…she provides a truly fantastic personalized, positive training experience.

Selene M. 

“She has transformed our goldendoodle puppy and worked with our entire family to give us all the tools we need…”

Kristin is AMAZING!  She is soooo knowledgeable, soooo experienced, soooo kind!  We have used her board & train services for two weeks as well as private training sessions.  I can’t possibly thank or recommend her highly enough!  She has transformed our goldendoodle puppy and worked with our entire family to give us all the tools we need to continue working with our girl.  Had we not found Kristin, I am afraid that we may have had to give our baby girl to another family.  Thank you, thank you Kristin for training all of us!  Kristin uses positive reinforcement, RIPT (reinforce, interrupt, prevent, train).  She makes her techniques easy to learn, practice, and perfect.  We are so grateful to Kristin!  It works!!!!!

Nikki S. 

“The behavioral changes in Sadie were incredible.”

When our puppy, Sadie, was four months old, we had become overwhelmed by the training process.  We had been working daily on teaching her the best of puppy manners, and while she had been making progress in many areas, we struggled with nipping, jumping and bossy barking.  Finally we decided we needed to ask for more help.  We found Kristin and arranged for Sadie to board and train with her for two weeks.  During that time, we were able to do a few family training sessions, bringing Sadie back home and staying connected with her through her learning process.  The behavioral changes in Sadie were incredible.  She returned to us as a calm and content pup.  She is more comfortable interacting with my children and now enjoys cuddling like she never did before.  She responds to cues and learns quickly. Because of Kristin’s relaxed presence, incredible knowledge of animal behavior, passion for dogs and dedication to her work, we now have a sweet puppy who is happy to be a part of our family.  I would recommend Kristin to anyone who wants their dog to be able to respond to the busy world around them in a calm, smart and safe way.

Christie S. 

“We are now able to get close enough to another dog for supervised play without any reaction.”

I have a 45-lb mixed breed Border Collie and American Bulldog named Patches. We rescued him when he was 2 years old and realized that he had some fear aggression towards new people, dogs, and other “scary things” like skateboarders, bikers, and motorcycles. We’ve involved him in various personal and class trainings for 2 years with mediocre success. Since moving to Redondo Beach a couple months ago, I finally decided to go with a more personalized training experience with a focus on behavior modification. After scouring the certified trainer searches and Yelp, I found Kristin, and I am SO happy to have found her.

Prior to and during the first session, Kristin quickly understood Patches’s behaviors and motivations. She provided me a wealth of information on understanding dog behavior, different training techniques like BAT, and various training tools that would help us during the training sessions. She sent me detailed information to help me remember all that she taught me during the sessions, and additional reading materials to continue training on my own. It is obvious from the start that Kristin is very knowledgeable and also has a way with dogs. She has been so great with Patches.

We purchased a 5-session package with Kristin and we have seen SO much progress in so little time. Before, Patches would bark and lunge at any bicyclists that he saw, no matter the distance. By using a combination of counterconditioning and BAT training, he is now able to walk on the sidewalk with bikers zooming by on the street with no problems. We’ve also made great progress with encountering other dogs during walks. Previously, once Patches saw a dog (even if the dog was hundreds of feet away), he would start growling and lunging. With the help of BAT training, we are now able to get close enough to another stationary dog for supervised play without any reaction. Best of all, Kristin has given me so many training tools to help with everyday encounters and behaviors that I could continue to use with Patches on my own. To name a few, I learned ways to greet strangers, techniques to use when encountering “scary things” during walks, ways to increase focus, and ways to work towards loose-leash walking.

Lily C. 

“Overall we have seen wonderful changes in our dog, and more importantly, we feel more informed ourselves…”

We have been working with Kristin for a few months for our 3 year old chihuahua mix who developed fear and anxiety around other dogs. Not only is Kristin extremely knowledgeable, but she has a unique skill set as a trainer and a history of training horses as well. She focuses on positive methods to get to the root cause of the problem  which was very attractive to us compared to more harsh methods of training. Overall we have seen wonderful changes in our dog, and more importantly, we feel more informed ourselves about how to read our dog and situations more effectively. We are so grateful that we met her.

Holly G. 

“She has taught us great positive reinforcement techniques like BAT and desensitization.”

We have been working with Kristin for the past couple of months to help us with some behavioral issues with our dogs.  She has taught us great positive reinforcement techniques like BAT and desensitization.  I really appreciate that she comes to our home and really talks to us about the issues at hand, and addresses everything that causes anxiety with us and our dogs. With time I know that these learned techniques will help us have happier and friendlier dogs.

Lauren S. 

“The work we’ve been doing with Kristin is making him the best dog he can be.”

Kristin is an amazing trainer.  My 8 month old “puppy” is quite rambunctious, and the work we’ve been doing with Kristin is making him the best dog he can be. I’m very happy, and I always look forward to her working with me.  As soon as my dog sees her, he just calms down, and understands what is expected.  Kristin is teaching me how to work with him so that these puppy months will be easier for all. Thank you, Kristin.

Linda S. 

“My dog absolutely loves Kristin and is looking forward to continued training as he gets ready to become a certified therapy dog.”

I can’t say enough good things about Kristin.  She teaches all of her techniques with positive reinforcement, which is a real “feel good” experience between dog and owner.  Her lessons are tailored to whatever my dog needs to work on at the time and she gives simple, specific instructions on what to practice before the next lesson.  My dog absolutely loves Kristin and is looking forward to continued training as he gets ready to become a certified therapy dog.  Thank you Kristin!!

Michelle K. 

“I can now walk Brownie without worrying that she might bite someone walking by.”

Before starting training my dog, Brownie, she was having a hard time on her walks and had trouble when meeting new people and other dogs.

Our walks were a nightmare, as Brownie would bark, growl lunge and snap at every person who walked by us. When people would come over to our house whom she didn’t already know she would growl and bark and snap at them.

Brownie is a rescue dog whom I fell in love with right away. The rescue organization said that Brownie has a hard time warming up to people but that she was a really sweet dog! This is true she is a sweet dog however we noticed immediately she had some issues on our daily walks and was exhibiting aggressive behavior.

As I researched training programs I was referred to Kristin Burke. Kristin was incredibly knowledgable. She was very patient and answered any questions that we had. She recommended books for us to read as well as sent me a ton of resources about the training methods she was using. She took the time to explain the training techniques to us.

Kristin was flexible and able to come to our house to work with Brownie. She was able to identify the function of brownie’s aggression (barking, growling, and snapping) and helped us to better understand our dog. Brownie’s barking was due to fear based anxiety. She is afraid of people and dogs and responds by exhibiting aggressive behavior.

Kristin helped us learn how to teach Brownie to respond differently based on the natural communication patterns. I am able to watch Brownie’s body language to understand her behavior.

In only four sessions, Brownie’s behavior has changed dramatically. I have been able to walk her without worrying that she may bite someone walking by. I am able to understand my dog and help her learn to be more comfortable with strangers and other dogs. She is now able to go up to people outside without barking. Our daily walks have improved greatly and I am amazed at the progress my dog has made in such a short amount of time.

Elissa R. 

“When I walk Buddha and we pass other dogs who lunge and growl at him now, he seldom does it back when passing.”

I was looking for one-on-one training for my 5 month old pit/lab mix puppy, Buddha. He had a rough start in life battling parvo he contacted from the pound and  anaphalaxis from bee stings. Sadly, he missed his socialization stage.
Buddha was scared of leaving the house and had severe fear aggression towards other dogs. I had to carry him to the car to leave and he was getting too heavy!!  He was sweet to humans, our other dog, and our  two cats; but he would lunge and attack other unfamiliar dogs.
So Kristin came to the rescue.

Kristin showed me many tricks to help with Buddha and it was all positive reinforcement tatics. He had 7 sessions. He does happily leave the house now and is not scared to do so. I was shown how to find his nervous signs if he is getting to close to another dog, so I know when to give him distance. He takes about 30 minutes to finally inch his way to greet another dog. He has met two other dogs now, all on a leash.

I doubt he will ever be like our other dog, who loves dog parks and other dogs. However, when I walk him and we pass other dogs who lunge and growl at him, he seldom does it back when passing.

Kristin was easy to contact and was very sweet. Buddha and I both loved her!

Louisa M.

“When I got back, Jo not only had most of basic obedience down but loved training!”

Kristin is a fantastic trainer! I booked my dog Jo for a 2 week board and train as I was going to be out of town and was hoping to get her started on basic obedience. Kristin was great at keeping in touch with me, even sending several pictures and videos of Jo to let me know she was enjoying her time there.

When I got back, she not only had most of basic obedience down but loved training! The two at home training sessions following the board and train were so helpful in letting me know how to continue. Kristin sent me several emails outlining all of the behaviors Jo had worked on and included videos to help me out.

Kristin is incredibly patient and consistent in her training and has really set me (and Jo!) up for success. This was my first experience with dog training of any sort and I was a little hesitant due to the expense. But I am over the moon with the experience.  I can’t recommend her enough!

Liz G. 

“Kristin’s methods are intuitive, kind and appeals to common sense.”

Our Boxer, Lulu, is a young, strong and energetic dog, and I was looking for a training method that was firm but one that wouldn’t crush her wonderful spirit.

I wanted a trainer that focused on praise versus force or punishment.

I found that with Kristin. Her methods are intuitive, kind and appeals to common sense. We both highly recommend her!

Claudia S.

“Greta successfully completed her boarding school training and is now a fully functioning member of our family.”

My wife and I recently added a Jack Russell puppy to our already crazy household!

Greta is needless to say “full of energy and life”. We have always had large dogs and I had no idea how difficult getting the attention of a small JR puppy would be!

We searched for a trainer and found Kristin Burke.

When I introduced Greta to her she seemed immediately at ease. Kristin kept Greta for 3 weeks. Greta successfully completed her boarding school training and is now a fully functioning member of our family. We have a 4 year old Golden Retriever who thinks Greta is her size and of course Greta thinks she is bigger and stronger than the Golden!

Thank you Kristin!! You have done an amazing job. As a side note I think is important to note that Kristin is an incredibly kind and gentle trainer. I would recommend her and give an A+++!

Stephen P.