Board and Train

We can help you build a solid training foundation for your puppy!


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Board & Train is a fantastic service for giving puppies (2-5 months old) a head start on their training! During your pup’s stay at our trainer’s home, focus is placed on proper socialization in addition to developing the beginnings of general obedience skills and manners (such as sit, down, stay, come when called, leave it, house training, and more…) and other important life skills. Have something additional you would like us to work on with your puppy? Just ask! Other popular requests include teaching fun or useful tricks, or working on minor behavior problems (such as jumping up, pulling on leash, etc.).

Board & Train programs are typically Monday through Friday with puppy returning home on Friday afternoons for the weekend, unless otherwise arranged. For every week (M-F) of Board & Train that your pup completes, you will recieve one (1) FREE follow-up Private Training session! The follow-up sessions allow us to show you what your puppy has learned and give you the info and tools you will need to continue their training once they return home.

Not every dog will be suitable for a Board & Train program; please inquire to discuss. All puppies must be healthy and free from illness and parasites, up to date on vaccinations, and able to coexist peacefully in a home with other dogs. Puppies with separation anxiety, extreme fearfulness, or aggression towards humans or other dogs will not be considered, though they may benefit from private training sessions

Please contact us at 310-560-9895 or fill out the form on the right to inquire about our Board & Train program!