Mimi A.

Kristin is just fantastic. My fiancee and I got a pit mix about a year ago who started out fine, but over the course of the year, she would more and more often make a huge show of barking and lunging at other dogs. We needed to figure out what we were doing wrong. We hired Kristin, and in a matter of weeks, I have seen a significant improvement. My dog barks and lunges far less, and when she does, I am capable of getting her to stop. I no longer feel stressed while walking my dog and I believe my dog is happier. She easily ignores the dog across the hall that always barks at her, a feat never accomplished before Kristin. I am shocked at how fast my dog’s behavior improved. Kristin has a great, positive way with handling the dogs. She doesn’t just train the dogs, but she trains you on how to train them.

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